What You Need To Know Before Booking An Appointment.

New Guests

Thank you for choosing us to care for your hair. We do things a little different than most salons. Our team with develop a plan of action for you hair. This means that we will assess the health of your hair, create a treatment plan for your desired look, and make recommendations based on our assessments.


  • Your color history based on the last 3-5 years. Provide brands used if available.

  • What products you use on your hair daily, like shampoo, conditioner, styling products (brands).

  • ANY allergies

  • Condition of your hair: Is your hair dry, damaged, brittle, is the texture fine, medium or coarse, what % of grey do you have, is your hair thin, medium or thick, is the length of your hair short, shoulder length, shoulder blade length, mid back length, past mid back.

  • How much time do you spend styling your hair.

  • How often are you willing to come back to maintain you hair.

The answers to these questions will help us provide you with options and realistic expectations on what service and/or services would best fit your overall needs and goals.


Pricing is one of the biggest questions we get as salon professionals. The fact is that pricing can vary greatly based on a lot of factors. I’m going to try and explain what goes into our cost

Hair thickness & length is one of the major factors in pricing.

  • When it comes to cutting hair, long & thick hair can take us longer to shampoo & dry, so it might result in higher cost to accommodate us taking longer and running into our next scheduled appointment.

  • We set an average time per service based on medium length and thickness hair.

  • Also, the amount of hair that we are going to cut will result in us taking more time. Generally a more technical cut like shags, pixie and a-line bob require us to take more care in our precision cutting. This will result in us taking more time.

  • When it comes to coloring hair, we may need to use more color or bleach for longer thicker hair. We use a set amount ideal for medium length and thickness.

Previous colored hair can be problematic when it comes to applying bleach to the hair or going lighter in color.

  • Depending on the brand used to color hair, applying bleach can cause a chemical reaction that will cause damage to hair. This is why we ask for color history, what brand was used, and when the last time you applied color to your hair. We can also perform a strand test, that will give us a picture of what your hair can tolerate. If this information is not known, it can result in going over our scheduled time and cause us to have to correct any color issues. Anytime we need to correct color the cost can result in us charging more, because we need to use more products then what was originally needed to perform the intended service. A color consultation is highly recommended to avoid any additional charges.

  • If your wanting to change the color of your hair to a lighter shade, this can’t really happen unless we lighten up the previous color first. Why? Because applying a lighter color will not lighten up the darker shade, the chemistry doesn't allow it. Your natural hair will lighten but the previous color will generally stay the same color with slight changes. This is where you get the “hot roots” look. So, you will need to lighten the color up first then apply the intended color on top of it. This is also a color correction.

  • Going darker when you are blond is also a color correction. Depending on how dark you are wanting to go, we will need to ‘fill” the color first, then color over it again. More product and more technical skill to achieve the appropriate look. Color corrections are costly and take skill and time.


Our goal is to help you understand why we do what we do. Policies are intended to help us run our business efficiently. We pre-book appointments and plan for our guests weeks in advance. So our schedule is super important to us.

We ask that you please understand that when you cancel an appointment it affects our business tremendously. When a client doesn’t show up for an appointment, that is money and time lost. We can’t fill that spot with another guest. These mishaps cost our business greatly and the impact has resounding effects. So much so that we have policies in place.

When you schedule an appointment for 2 or more hours, a 20% deposit will be required before booking. This deposit will be forfeited if you cancel or no show your appointment for any reason. If you want to reschedule your appointment, we will move over your deposit to your newly scheduled visit.

We do ask that you give us 48 hour notice if you need to reschedule your appointment.

If your hair didn’t turn our the way that you wanted it to, we ask that you please address those issues the day of your appointment. It will not hurt our feelings in any way. It’s important that we take care of any issues same day if possible. If you go home and it doens’t look the way that you thought, address this issue right away, because we give you only a week to get back in to remedy the issue. Consultations are designed to avoid issues like these. So please don’t rush an appointment and skip a consultation visit first. Certain services require a consultation first, so please be aware of that.

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